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Dip Powder Liquids Set

Dip Powder Liquids Set

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Our Dip Liquid Set consists of 4 liquids needed for applying a dip powder manicure

1 Base Coat
2 Activator
3 Top Coat
4 Brush Saver

(4) .15 ml bottles

Prep Nails by trimming cuticles, buffing nail surface lightly, and wiping with alcohol or acetone

Apply a thin layer of base and then immediately dip/pour or lay nail into powder.
Press down any glitter-Repeat base and dip again-Brush off any excess powder

Apply activator and allow to dry/harden 1 -2 minutes
Buff and shape the nail and apply a second coat of activator-Let dry for 1-2 minutes

Apply a thin layer of top coat and let dry for 1 minute
Apply another layer of top coat and allow to dry.

*Be sure to wipe off your brush between dipping in the bottles. Wipe off threads before replacing brush/cap.

If you find that your Base brush begins to harden or gets dirty, you can use Brush Saver
Wipe off your dirty brush, swap it with the Brush Saver brush. Leave the dirty brush in the Brush Saver for at least 24 hours or swap when you need a clean brush again. Wipe off before placing back into bottle
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