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Bye Bye Brittle Nail Treatment Serum with Essential Oils for strong and healthy nails Large 15ml

Bye Bye Brittle Nail Treatment Serum with Essential Oils for strong and healthy nails Large 15ml

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Nail polish, removers, and daily activities can be so harsh on our nails. Our nails can benefit from some extra love to keep them healthy and strong. Try our Nail Serums, which are made with a blend of luxury and essential oils to nourish your nails and keep them healthy and beautiful. (1) 15ml large bottle with brush *You are purchasing 1 bottle (3 bottles shown for picture purposes only) ************************************************************

Our Bye Bye Brittle Nail Treatment Serum contains the following blend of Luxury and Essential oils:

Almond oil-is high in Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant. This vitamin provides protection to nails and skin from sun damage and helps heal cracked, dry and damaged cuticles of fingernails. Almond oil also contains Vitamin B2 and Vitamin B6. Grapefruit-Antibacterial and antimicrobial,

Grapefruit essential oil is deeply cleansing and restorative to brittle nails. Grapefruit oil is especially beneficial to be used right after having removed polish or artificial nails. Lemon Essential Oil-keeps nails from cracking, peeling, and splitting. One of the best essential oils for healthy nails because of its Vitamin content and strengthening properties. This essential oil is also brightening and buffs dullness away from nails and the surrounding area giving fingertips a smooth, clean appearance.

Eucalyptus essential oil-A gentle but effective way to treat torn skin, ripped cuticles, and broken nails. This restorative oil will prevent infection, reduce inflammation, and promote healing. Roman Chamomile essential oil -An ancient wound healing ingredient and has long been used to treat internal and external ailments.

Roman Chamomile aids the structural parts of the nail that lie below the surface and includes the matrix, nail root, and nail plate by promoting cell growth. *************************************************************

To use: Brush onto nail and massage in. The best time to use our Nail Treatment Serums is after bathing, showering or after long exposures to water. Massage oil into bare nails to lock in moisture and help protect and nourish nails.

*We highly recommend using when nails are damp but is still beneficial to use at anytime of the day.

*Our Nail treatments are the most effective when used on bare nails, but can still be used on polished nails

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